Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Introduction- The Story

In 2001, I returned to North Carolina from Porn Valley, California. I was exhausted. I was working 40 hours a week, shooting a mainstream feature, while shooting and editing adult videos to float payroll for my mainstream film. At the time, I thought it to be a hiatus. I had planned on returning to LA in late summer, but begin picking up jobs in North Carolina. While I was doing these jobs, I got into a serious relationship and was offered a position at FOX Sports in Florida. I could not pass up that chance so off to the Sunshine State I went.

In the time before the move to Florida, my partner in crime slash mentor out west, Zak Wylde, was blowing up as a Gonzo/Adult Film Director. Generously, he offered me time and time again jobs to get me back to Los Angeles. I would fly out, work on Adult films and after a month of sleeping on the couch, eating Burger King and still scraping by, due to paying bills in NC as well as LA, I would retreat back to my roots. In those many trips I would slowly hone my craft at the Adult Video genre. The last time I returned, I came up with an idea to make an Adult Film in the Carolinas. Two partners and I hit the streets attempting to acquire investors. We had many bites, but many were last minute pullouts due to disagreeing wives, debt issues and others. With my savings depleting, I began to get scared. At the same time as my fear began to kick in, I was offered the position in Florida. I had to take it Life is short.

A Year Later

Seventy five percent of the employees at Fox were laid off due to a buyout. With a child on the way, my girlfriend and I decided to come back to North Carolina and settle down. It was not long before I began my trips out west again to bring in some extra money and more importantly, learn more about the business. I then landed a position at AEBN, the global leader of Adult Entertainment on the internet, where I am now continuing to learn the business side of the industry. My mind began to brainstorm again about making an Adult Film in North Carolina. This time it was safe to say I had all the resources to do so, plus I was a professional now and could take on this project. My business partners had grown too, into mature professionals and were relieved to know that we were going to finish what we had started

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