Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hell in Boston.....

Did I seriously go to the movie and by the time I got out the Boston Red Sox blew a 9 point lead against the Yankees..... ? Did that really happen or did I go down with the Titanic too and I'm in a hyperthermiac coma and this is just a dream seconds before death?

Shuttering in embarrasment at this point.

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Monday, February 6, 2012


It is a trying methodology of patience to be a Boston Fan. From The Curse of the Bambino to the Curse of Eli, Boston Fans, Natives and Want to, Working to be Residence like me are grissled with years of countless disappointment with only mild championship relief from the proverbial pain. Yes, the Boston Bruins are the World Champions this year. I'm happy. We are among the elite of clubs over the spectrum of professional sports who may consistently be "winning teams," but I mean how many times do you have to be the best and lose the last game of the season? 


This year has been heart breaking to watch and anybody that says, "Bostonians have shit attitudes.... Well, shit like this is why."


Let's start with the 56 and 26 Atlantic Division First Place Celtics sweeping the Knicks in the 2011 Playoffs only to turn around and get mauled by the Miami Heat Circus. This was almost warranted. Garnett, Pierce, Allen, O' Neal, let's face it, their butter days were behind them and they had honestly been inconsistent all year despite what their record said.


I was OK with that. But then what happened in September culminating on the 28th would be the first of two horrible moments in my sports year.  


I watched as Boston was one out away from heading to the playoffs even if they had blown a nine game lead on the Devil Rays for the playoffs fading to 7-19 in the final 26 or so games. All they had to do was beat the Baltimore Orioles. The third out never came as Papelbon gave up a double to Chris Davis. Then Crawford missed a single to left and that was the end of it. 


Ryan and I quickly changed the channel to the Tampa/New York Game because, "OF COURSE," Tampa had rallied from 7 down to the Yankees who were already in and could care less anyways. It was the bottom of the twelve, four minutes after we had stomached Boston's Epic Collapse exactly when Evan Longoria hit the walk off home run and sent themselves to the post season and sent us packing for home.... It was a terrible terrible night. I guess the Rays had paid the Sox back for the Bruins knocking the Lightning out of the Stanley Cup Finals....


The only thing that kept me at this point from coming out of my skin was that yes.... My Patriots were looking good.... Course they always did which was part of the problem and little did I know that five months later, (last night,) I would feel like I felt that night as I watched Number three from the Devil Rays at Tropicana Field circle the bases with his hands in the air.


As disappointing as it was to watch Brady and the Patriots crumble against the NY Jets last year in the Divisional Playoffs, nothing was worse than watching Super Bowl XLII happen all over again... And know it was going to. I had posted on twitter early yesterday afternoon a botched prediction that Patriots would beat the Giants 31-24.... It was not true to myself. I had a pit in my stomach all day. I knew the outcome would be the same as it was in 2007. Who was I fooling and my fellow Boston Colleagues I had not argued with when they said, "Nah, they won't lose to them again. It's a different setup this time around." I had simply smiled and agreed. I knew it would come down to Eli Manning making a crazy play and us making an incredible mistake. The Patriots' one turnover would not be that mistake.... (Although the interception and the safety, were missed attempts at points.) No it would be something you would never see and hopefully never see again..... Maybe it was the Baltimore Curse.... I mean the Orioles had in fact, back a fall ago thrown us out of MLB Playoffs with a throw away game and well.... Had all but given us the tickets to Super Bowl XVII with Cundiff's Scott Norwood Wide Right Miss of a game tying field goal.... 


No.... It was what happened in the middle of those two plays. Flacco would bomb a ball into EX-BILLS receiver LEE EVANS' arms as he hit the end zone. All he had to do was protect it and it was a touchdown. Sterliing Moore stripped it saving the Patriots from falling behind. But at that Moment, the Baltimore Curse had been bestowed on us again....


That same lack of ball security Lee Evans showed and I laughed about all week after is exactly what beat the Patriots this time around against the Giants. Wes Welker who never "bobbles" a pass yet lost the most important one thrown to him all season. And then in the final drive, Aaron Hernandez did the same thing. These guys don't miss. These guys catch their balls but when it really mattered like the Celtics and Red Sox before them, they shit the bed.


Now we go home having been beat by New York yet again and the aura of the most hated team in the league becomes the most humiliating as well. Finish the game boys. Another season of excellence erased by a couple minutes of stupidity is what we are all about. And I guess that's the way it is going to forever be.


Go MASS! Gimme a gun with one bullet in it!!!! Bring on Opening Day and another year of Boston Sports Misery. YAH!


Posted via email from Diary of A Shoot Stuff Guy

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