Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

A quiet moment of thought caught by some asshole, before leaving the set until Principle Photography begins in the morning.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Last Words


I’ve seen a lot of pleasure and pain working in this business. I’ve gone from cooking sausage in a trailer on the backlot of CMT’s studio in Nashville making $200 an hour to three days later sleeping in my Jeep with my big dog to get a chance to shoot for the Warp tour for no pay. I went from shooting a $25,000 feature, (which I am still paying for in Doctor bills,) that never saw the light of day to shooting a film for $500 that moved mountains. There’s no certainty from day to day. It’s not like a day job where it’s methodical, it’s routine and well quite unexciting. Sometimes I wonder, if that day job, (with two kids,) wouldn’t be the safer bet and sometimes even worse, I think maybe I’m not rational anymore about dream to make a living making films. Then I watch a good film or my daughter hands me my camera she’s not suppose to have and says, “Daddy, take a picture of me,” and I realize that there is nothing else I know how to do or want to do and find the strength to keep going. I love it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It is only unfortunate that it is an art you can’t do by yourself, (and trust me, if you know me, I would if I could.) It takes many creative people to make a film and those many people have to be willing to walk through fire with you in order to get the film done. In Bad Ass Killers case, about fifteen.

A few of the people namely Ennix, Mark, Adam, Steve and Zak walked through fire for me back in September. For four straight days and nights with very little sleep these guys broke their back to help me capture my vision and film at all costs without a penny of pay. (I am still paying them all back.) But that weekend was the beginning of a REAL appreciation for a wonderful crew. They possessed PASSION, LOYALTY and most importantly a LOVE for the art that shows in every element of my film. People like them are the reason you walk out of the theater loving a film. It’s all passion for the art, which leads me to my point finally....

We are about to embark on the hardest two weeks you’ll ever work. It is a feature film. We have to shoot 8 1/2 pages a day in order to finish this film in two weeks. That is 10 hour days of working, waiting to work and constant problem solving which can be exhausting. They glamorize this work on television and the internet. There is nothing glamourous about the work. It will be tough. You’ll stay tired and there will be some times where you will feel that the film will never be wrapped. My advice: Stay positive and stay creative, even if you start to hate everybody. You’ll learn more in 2 weeks than you would in a year at a day job. You’ll walk away at the end hating the process but then something will happen. You’ll watch the completed film and not only will every bit of your blood, sweat and tears bleed through on the screen, but you’ll realize how much your hard work contributed to final production. You will then feel great and suddenly want to do it all over again. With the exception of marrying my wife and my two kids being born there is nothing more rewarding than watching a film you made on the screen in its entirety. On top of that, you will officially become a member of a very small club. Of the 200 independent films that are “produced” a year in this country, a mere 50 of them are actually completed and packaged. This film, I WILL PROMISE YOU, will be one of those films.

Speaking for Ennix and myself, thank you for giving your time, energy, and brilliance to a couple of guys hanging on to a dream. We’ll make your “pro bonno” work a time you’ll never forget in a good way. Ennix is the Producer/Director AND THE BOSS on all aspects of the production. At first he seems hard to approach but I can assure you he is not. He will have the pressure of this production on his shoulders so any questions about production like:

-When do you eat?
-If you have to leave early etc...
-Where’s the bathroom?
-What can I do?

Should all go through Adam Parlier, the 1st Assistant Director. He’ll get you whatever you need whenever you need it. He’s the second in command so be nice to him and your liable to get anything you want. I am the Director of Photography which means I’m in charge of everything that shows up and, (God Forbid,) doesn’t show up in the scene. I will have five official people that do just the Camera stuff. Rashawn will be my second in command and Lee will be in charge of lighting. Approach me about anything having to do with the creative process, just make sure you do it in between takes. 

Other than that, THANK YOU from all 3 of us for boarding this ship and taking this adventure with us. We’re honored to have each and every one of you. At Ennix and I’s meeting before we split to do our own last minute preparations, we had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant. We discussed everything having to do with production of this film. As we were leaving, I cracked my fortune cookie and the below fortune was in my cookie. I thought it appropriate to share as we are less than 72 hours from Principle Photography.

Yours Truly for years to come from now,
Garrick Lane

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jeopardy Goes to Real to Reel Film Festival

Adam, Mark, Mandi, Phil and I trekked to Kings Mountain. It was to be a quick trip due to a sick son at home with Granny. With the exception of a skip at the beginning of the viewing, Jeopardy looked and sounded great. It was the second film of mine to be accepted into the Film Festival in less than 3 years which is a great accomplishment, I am told. It was loud, in your face and I for a moment was not worried about the receiving of it, but then when Q&A came, things got kind of quiet. As the audience applause faded I heard people talking about us positively behind us. Mandi heard one woman say, "I loved it." I was hoping to get into the 'Jeopardy' references during the Q & A but it did not come up. Did it get the response Meter, did? No. But Jeopardy is more a 'popcorn movie' as opposed to 'Meter's' controversial material and surprise ending. Either way, I'm returning on Saturday to watch other films and well, other films take home the prizes, but as far as a warm up to Austin, Myrtle Beach, or where ever else our film may take us, I was rather pleased with the outcome.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prop Gun #1 for BAK

We walk into a Hunting Store and ask the guy behind the counter to find us some bullets that don't fit this gun. He looks at, shakes his head and says, "Hell, I don't recommend loading that gun at all." It took me 3 turns to explain to him that it was a fake gun and we just needed to buy a box of bullets whose size was too big for the FAKE barrel. It was like pulling teeth. I'm sure that guy told all his hunting friends about this idiot and his "china man" coming in trying to buy bullets for a fake gun this morning while he and same friends were sitting in the woods somewhere waiting for another defenseless animal to come along.

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Garrick Lane

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Draggin Jeans- July 17th, 2009

Shot a demo on some great product Friday. They are motorcycle jeans that have kevlar reinforcement in the ass and knees. Megan, the owner of Fast Company, literally was pulled on her seat across a hot summer road for 500 feet to demonstrate the durability and safety of these jeans. I was thoroughly impressed with the outcome. If you are a motorcycle rider, I strongly suggest a couple of pairs. It may save your skin. The production was small and gun and run mode. We shot 24p SD on the B Cam in the bed of the truck, while I shot Not So Steady 720p HD outside the truck. We quickly realized that was not the way to do it, so then I jumped in the bed and shot the Master hanging out the back putting the SD cam on a tripod to measure actual distance.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here is the problem with Non-Professional Actors. We end up having to replace them.
We're losing an actor for Bad Ass Killers a week before shooting!!! We are now looking for a local actor to fit the part.
ROLE: Muscular African- American Male 20-30, he's a big intimidating guy but is a teddy bear when he speaks and in his demeanor.
Contact me immediately if anybody knows some body who could play this role.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poor Man's Stedicam Built for BAK

Cost $15.00. Mimics the Manfrotto/Bogen Fig Rig but it's about a quarter pound heavier. Bolt a 3/4 inch bolt to the camera, throw in some rubber washers to tighten the cam down giving it a little cushion. You are ready to shoot, kids. My daughter is going to be the Pitch Woman for it.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

My Mind's Interpretations

I went to a psychologist today. He told me to take a piece of paper and pen and scribble how my mind interprets my thoughts and feelings at that particular moment. This was the result.

So then he said, "OK, scribble in lines the second thought and how I interpret it."
This was the result.

He then stopped and looked at me where I just smiled and said, "Kids, man."

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MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV - 1996

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

BAD ASS KILLERS Last Minute Requests

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Fat Italian Night at The Lanes

You could say, my "Fat Italian" meal went well. The Buzz man devoured the dish to the point I had to put him back in the tub and even my anti-onion activist of a wife gave me a suttle, "It was good." So ten points for Dad. The Bambinos were happy so the Don was happy.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Payton's First Frame

She liked the sign. I persuaded her to broaden the study of the sign. She picked the angle. I framed it up on the tripod and she pushed the button. Then get this, she asks me to look at it after she took it.

Garrick Lane

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Old Water Towers

Garrick Lane

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Cigarette Pack Design Poll

OK, so here are the 3 packs of generic cigarettes I've created for my movie. The design is very basic, because unlike "Red Apples" or "Nails" they are not a part of the story. They are just there to keep us from licensing issues. BUT since they have to be printed and used I'm taking a poll. Which pack design do you like the most. Whichever is picked we will use in the upcoming, Bad Ass Killers.
There's the original.

The remake of the original.

And the Berry Blend.


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Desperate for Crew for BAK film

This was my post this morning on Craigslist trying to get local help for the film we're doing. We've run out of money for lodging so now I'm panhandling crew members. Ah, independent filmmaking at it's finest, (or worst for some.)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disgruntled Work

With the Atlanta job at least a month, (and a foreclosure) away I've turned my attentions back to finishing my obligations to Ennix and his film, BAD ASS KILLERS. The worst part of the Pre Production job is making the call sheets and doing the paper work needed to stay on time and organized. I now realize that we're two weeks out from the shoot and all the necessary elements like the Schedule are due at the office so it will be another late nighter of numbers, dates, and scene headings. Followed by design tweaks for the various props I decided to take on myself like an idiot.

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My sweet daughter always says she's gonna' help me out but never quite makes it. I don't blame her. I have a hard time getting through this pencil work myself. Sweet dreams princess.

Last night, making fake cop ideas for Mark's cop role in the film. Check his beard. It's awesome. Watching Braveheart and keeping up with my tweeting buddies all at the same time. That's the life.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jeopardy Festival Promotion

Various Jeopardy One Sheets I did in the back of my friend's car on the way to the beach.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

An 8mm Feel

With my still camera in one hand and my old DV cam in the other I shot for 4 days choosing to work instead of play this year. I'm glad I did. I took a chance by shooting everything over exposed and over saturated so I could treat it in post to look like I shot everything on an old 8mm. The effect was there but not completely perfected due to time, but I'm proud of what I got. I shot everything shaky and dirty to get that "home video" /raw effect as well. The clip is long but there were 4 hours to work with. My favorite section, (like my still photographs,) is the walk on the beach with my son. It was just such a cool and intimate moment between father and son. Other than that, I'll stop rambling. Enjoy.Thanks Christopher, Michael, Munaf and Mark for the wonderful track that was my only choice for this cut. **The problem with the effect is I color treated all the clips and added a perfect layer of noise to get that 8mm feel to it, and it looks great on the timeline, but then when I export it for internet, quicktime I guess reorders the fields and it somehow drowns out all the noise I added. Any editor friends out there have any idea how I can prevent that?

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