Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Statement On Pirating

I acquired a "pirated" copy of Foo Fighters' new album a week before its release. I was asked if I wanted it.... Of course I said yes. Not because I didn't want to pay for it, but because I wanted to listen to it in my car. The band was streaming the album on their website but I do so much driving a copy would be great for the car. 


BUT, I was first in line yesterday at Best Buy to actually purchase the CD, (see picture,) despite the fact I already had it. In my profession and many others, if we don't get paid for "our art," we can't do it. It's that simple. If people could still the videos I make then my kids would starve. Artists are paid for their work.


The Music Industry is much like mine. Artists are given an advance from the record company to pay for their album and pay their bills while they sink themselves into a studio to make their album. The advance rarely lasts more than five months. From there, they get a percentage or royalties of their record sales and live shows that they do and this is what they live on until the next album which could be a year or two later. Some bands are forced to add 20 to 40 grueling nights of live shows to stay a float. If people are not buying their album OR WORSE STEALING IT, they are not making any money. If people aren't going to see them live, they are not making any money.


With so many people IN TO MUSIC yet stealing it from the very artists they admire, the wheels of a better economy are not turning. It's simple mathematics. If everything is giving out for free then there is no return which means there's that much less money to put into the next album you "can't wait to hear," or better yet steal.


I'm proud to say, I've pissed away thousands and thousands of dollars on records, be it they sucked or have been masterpieces. I have 1300 actual purchased songs from iTunes alone. Yes, that money could have been used for many other things, but I have a stereo system in 5 of the 7 rooms in my house. Music is what keeps me moving and smiling. My daughter is 5 and jams to Wolfmother with me. It's the way we live. Music is a lifestyle in my household.  I would never steal it only see to it personally, it prospers. A song is .99 on Itunes. One dollar people..... An album is 14 bucks-- 3 Bud Lights and a tip at a bar. 


Keep the world going around..... BUY YOUR MUSIC. SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE BAND. DO NOT PIRATE YOUR MUSIC AND IF YOU DO, DON'T CALL YOURSELF "A BIGGEST FAN." Fans don't bite the hands that feed them.


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