Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fear of Extinction

Fear of Extinction

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Boys Are Back!

If you want the backstory of the labor of love of mine, see the Jobbers (Original) Page or Click here. I am going to pick up this section after leaving the film festival circuits and putting the damn movie behind me. The plant I had worked out while I reedited the movie had these great boxes that very snuggily fit two rows of DV tapes in it. It was uncanny. Almost as if they were made for them. Anyway, I managed to get them to donate me enough of those to archive all the DV tapes I had collected over the years. For the first time in my life, I was going to get my Archive Footage organized. I did all of that. Separating the weddings, the movies and random footage. Putting it all in its separate boxes, but leaving one smaller box that I labeled masters. It held every master of everything I had ever shot and cut, (which at the time was really only ten tapes.) I wrapped the Film Festival Jobber Master up and put it away. As I moved from Asheville back to Hickory I was loading my DV archived boxes into a separate box. Vinyard, my lab was about 8 months at the time and I actually had his brother as well because a guy at my work was planning on taking him, but bailed at the last minute. So I have two labs of 8 months in the house. I loaded my box of DV tapes or at least I thought I had and took off to the storage room to empty it. Thirty minutes later, I returned to house and found that I had excluded one of DV boxes. Of course it was the Master box and the dogs had commenced in chewing them to shreds. Vinyard looked up at me. The actually tape, not the shell was drooling from his mouth. I pryed open his mouth and pulled the tape out. I feared the worst and got it. The label, ink smeared from his saliva read ’Jobbers Festival Master.’ That was the last time that dog ever chewed anything… (Yeah right.) I wasn’t as heart broken as I should have been. I had an external hard drive with all the files and raw footage on it, so it would just be a matter of plugging it up and reconnecting the media.

Yeah right, the external blew when I was working on a wedding. I was screwed. People everywhere wanted a DVD of the film and I had nothing. Not even a clip. I tucked the video away. I hated the damn thing still at that time and then last year. My friend Chip called and had had a party and on a whim popped in the first cut of the film and showed some friends. He started ranting about how everybody loved it and I should pass some copies out. I hung up the phone and remember saying, "Yeah fuckin’ right." Well, then I received a phone call from a gentlemen last October who ran a semi small DVD distribution company in Southern Florida who had seen the film back on the fest circuit and had been trying to track me down for almost a year. He wanted to distribute the film as a ’Straight to DVD’ release. I laughed hysterically until I realized he was serious. Then I laughed hysterically again realizing I didn’t have the master to even begin the process of a ’Special Double DVD Edition’ of the film. He gave me a deadline... Christmas 2007. I told him to give me until the end of summer.I only have three more tapes to capture and I can start piecing back up the award winning cut of Jobbers and maybe make a couple of bucks to pay off my still pending ’Hospital Bills’ that are in collection.

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