Monday, November 23, 2009

Painstaking CGI

I was dead set on this cup of coffee firing steam from it's contents through out the shooting for this commercial, but just like everything else i do, all is rushed and doing take after take while in between heating this cup of joe just didn't work in the time frame alloted to shoot this thirty second spot. SO... Me still insisting to have that cup of coffee steaming to show the chilly evening night of the scene, I decided to do the unthinkable AND actually use CGI. All the keyframing, photoshopping, and BS, and this is what I get. Fake smoke that looks fake. I love it. 

Before The Steam of the Coffee - Actual Footage

After the Steam is Added - Rough Composite

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Commercial Vision

Every now and again, (not much,) I get an opportunity to be real creative with Commercial Shoots. Dan and Chris' latest work order is one of those. One where I can shoot it in almost a story telling, filmic way that rivals some of the bigger business/bigger marketing spots you see while you are watching football or whatever. We're using actors, real lights and dollies unlike the normal "industrial" shoot where a fill light, wireless mic and tripod are the only accessories you need. These kind of shoots excite me because they push me to take risks and be aesthetically perfect. With these shoots also comes a vision. Here are my drawn storyboards of my idea or pitch on how to shoot the 2 minute spot.

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Quiet Time

With the Football Season now complete, I decided to complicate my life by adding another weekend job. This one there were many reasons why I took it. It is a position that never and I mean never becomes open. When they offered it to me, I decided even if it meant rescheduling my fun time with the kids it may be worth giving it a go. My shifts are Saturday night and Sunday morning. Saturday nights there is really no down time. Sunday's are a little different. I run the live shows and depending on the Sunday, it may be "slow." I have to show up at 10:30am to start a live feed and from 10:30 to 12 I just have to watch and make sure the live feed works. Then from 12-1 is usually minimal things like dubbing tapes until 1 or 2 before the live shows begin. To make a long story, I have a little time. Quiet time. My phone doesn't work in the studio. It's like once I close the door, I'm in this alternate world. And despite the fact that I'm missing precious time with my kids, I find myself forced to do one of the things that falls into the back of the bus during the regular work week which to me is priceless.... Writing "The Drive In." Since I began writing it a month ago, a lot of it was an hour with pencil and pad before bed which with my busy schedule and parenthood, usually was and is the least creative time for my brain. This job has forced me to focus in the best part of my day, 10 - 2 and the script is coming long fantastically. So much, I find myself not so much typing what I wrote into the script format but using my story written to make something much much more in depth and finding that humor, I feared I wasn't connecting with. This picture below says the mood best and I enjoy the opportunity the local TV station has given me and also the "do this and do that, then you just have to sit there," attitude because it allows me to be creative guilt free and on the clock too. * Besides, survelliance cameras watch my every move. If it wasn't OK, I would be fired by now.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The First Scene Jitters(Color Correction)

I'm a purist and do not like to do much in the editing room. The first scene we shot of B.A.K will not be one of those "easy" scenes to cut. Here are some screen grabs of some of the uneven lighting that now will face countless hours in Correcting stage due to a screw up of calibration of camera, blocking and lighting. Thank goodness this is the only scene we shot like this and were able to fix. No thanks that this scene is one of the longest run time wise we have.

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Jeopardy + Big Studio Pitch Meeting = Back to Hollyweird.

After fights with copyrights, time, and energy on the eve of its next Film Festival Premiere, the pitch for Jeopardy's story is prepped for a Studio Pitch opportunity.

Garrick Lane

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long Hand & Long Nights

Haven't had anytime to post any thing cool up here. Have a whole journal full of short hand writings I've filled up but can't seem to find time to sit in front of the computer and actually type them up. For now, I'm finishing my commitments to North Lincoln HS Football Team, cutting BAD ASS KILLERS and writing THE DRIVE IN. You want proof? Here you go.


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