Monday, December 14, 2009

Short Mailing List

Anybody on First Draft Read of "The Drive In" SHORT mailing list, today's your lucky day. To better sell, my idea on this film I have also included with your script a 19 track Soundtrack Companion for you to listen to as you read the script. Yes, the script needs some work. I think mainly at the beginning and some of the characters are a little scarce but that's where all you people come in. Enjoy the script, let me know WHAT YOU REALLY THINK and be constructive. If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them. I want to make this film so it has to be better than anything else, I've done.


Here is the liner note art and CD Label so you can see the truly great music from the 80's I've put on it.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Missed Phone Call and A Promise


Having read the above post from October, the story following makes sense. It’s Thursday night and I’m trying to dump footage, cook dinner and keep the kids from physically mauling each other and the phone rang.

It was my good friend from childhood Russ. We were as thick as thieves as “little shits.” We lost contact when we were fourteen, mainly because I began my tour in and out of boarding schools for behavior and mental stability.  I always thought about him a lot. He was truly a remarkable friend that I never had to be “cool” with. It was just friendship at the highest most comfortable level. He was there for many of my first life changing events. 

Years later, I was asked to write a column for my film department’s college newsletter about my first experiences with horror films. SEE THAT POST HERE. 

Russ came up in this article I wrote which in turn made me remember what a good friend he was and made me finally take initiative in finding him and reconnecting. My wild years were past me. Russ, never strayed like everybody around him, so I knew now that fatherhood and a rebuilt sense of my life’s worth had steered my new direction, he would be an additional influence on me not to screw up. 

I found him rather easily, by contacting his father who still lived in our home town. Kind of disgusted me that I had fallen out of touch with him and he had been so close to me for the two years I had been back from Los Angeles.  We reconnected and it was if we had not missed a day. My Busy schedule and fatherhood had been the catalyst of missed opportunities to hang out but then recently, the film idea, “The Drive In,” came to mind. On top of thinking it would be a great small film to make, I thought it would be a good opportunity for Russ and I to really catch up. We discussed ideas about the film over the phone and I had said to him, “I’ll write the first draft, then we’ll get together and tweak it and finalize it together.” He thought to be a fine idea considering I knew the format and how to write a script. 

Anyway, that Thursday night, I let the phone call go to voicemail planning on calling him back as soon as it quieted down at the house. I began work on Russ and I’s script immediately after my kids’ closed their eyes forgetting to call Russ back. Sunday morning came and I got the phone call. I didn’t believe the first correspondent who called my parent’s house. I did however believe the second call which was Russ’ sister, Keira. Russ had passed away over the weekend. At a ripe 36, my friend Russ Russell was gone. My first TRUE friend to lose. 

I’ll never forgive myself for not picking that phone up or at least calling him back. We never got to hang out again. Go to a movie like we grew fond of growing up. We never got to finish our film together. Since his passing, I put what was going to be a “do when I can project,” to the priority level, finishing the script in a record three months. Sure it needs work. It needs Russ’ genuine sense of humor. His perspective, that now only speaks to me while playing Bruce Springsteen or Run DMC, (our favorite music growing up,) and even then is not as and will never be as good as having him next to me in front of computer as I rewrite, talking like The Godfather, screwing off when we should be focusing. Now with the first revision for grammar and just small adjustments, I look to Ellie, Keira and Margaret, Russ’ mother to help me add Russ’ voice to a script that I refuse to change authorship on. 

**Russ, I didn’t speak at your funeral. I was selfish. I kept my stories to myself. But if you were disappointed or maybe relieved for that matter, don’t worry. My feelings toward Russ Russell will be heard one way or the other in the future. If it takes me ten months or ten years, I will make this picture we started. It is a promise I make to you and when I do make “The Drive In,” I’ll make sure the stories I use are heard and the people that knew you feel you in the room when they are watching it. As this paper is my word, “I’ll find a way to finish what we started.”

The first step is polishing the script.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Painstaking CGI

I was dead set on this cup of coffee firing steam from it's contents through out the shooting for this commercial, but just like everything else i do, all is rushed and doing take after take while in between heating this cup of joe just didn't work in the time frame alloted to shoot this thirty second spot. SO... Me still insisting to have that cup of coffee steaming to show the chilly evening night of the scene, I decided to do the unthinkable AND actually use CGI. All the keyframing, photoshopping, and BS, and this is what I get. Fake smoke that looks fake. I love it. 

Before The Steam of the Coffee - Actual Footage

After the Steam is Added - Rough Composite

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Commercial Vision

Every now and again, (not much,) I get an opportunity to be real creative with Commercial Shoots. Dan and Chris' latest work order is one of those. One where I can shoot it in almost a story telling, filmic way that rivals some of the bigger business/bigger marketing spots you see while you are watching football or whatever. We're using actors, real lights and dollies unlike the normal "industrial" shoot where a fill light, wireless mic and tripod are the only accessories you need. These kind of shoots excite me because they push me to take risks and be aesthetically perfect. With these shoots also comes a vision. Here are my drawn storyboards of my idea or pitch on how to shoot the 2 minute spot.

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Quiet Time

With the Football Season now complete, I decided to complicate my life by adding another weekend job. This one there were many reasons why I took it. It is a position that never and I mean never becomes open. When they offered it to me, I decided even if it meant rescheduling my fun time with the kids it may be worth giving it a go. My shifts are Saturday night and Sunday morning. Saturday nights there is really no down time. Sunday's are a little different. I run the live shows and depending on the Sunday, it may be "slow." I have to show up at 10:30am to start a live feed and from 10:30 to 12 I just have to watch and make sure the live feed works. Then from 12-1 is usually minimal things like dubbing tapes until 1 or 2 before the live shows begin. To make a long story, I have a little time. Quiet time. My phone doesn't work in the studio. It's like once I close the door, I'm in this alternate world. And despite the fact that I'm missing precious time with my kids, I find myself forced to do one of the things that falls into the back of the bus during the regular work week which to me is priceless.... Writing "The Drive In." Since I began writing it a month ago, a lot of it was an hour with pencil and pad before bed which with my busy schedule and parenthood, usually was and is the least creative time for my brain. This job has forced me to focus in the best part of my day, 10 - 2 and the script is coming long fantastically. So much, I find myself not so much typing what I wrote into the script format but using my story written to make something much much more in depth and finding that humor, I feared I wasn't connecting with. This picture below says the mood best and I enjoy the opportunity the local TV station has given me and also the "do this and do that, then you just have to sit there," attitude because it allows me to be creative guilt free and on the clock too. * Besides, survelliance cameras watch my every move. If it wasn't OK, I would be fired by now.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The First Scene Jitters(Color Correction)

I'm a purist and do not like to do much in the editing room. The first scene we shot of B.A.K will not be one of those "easy" scenes to cut. Here are some screen grabs of some of the uneven lighting that now will face countless hours in Correcting stage due to a screw up of calibration of camera, blocking and lighting. Thank goodness this is the only scene we shot like this and were able to fix. No thanks that this scene is one of the longest run time wise we have.

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Jeopardy + Big Studio Pitch Meeting = Back to Hollyweird.

After fights with copyrights, time, and energy on the eve of its next Film Festival Premiere, the pitch for Jeopardy's story is prepped for a Studio Pitch opportunity.

Garrick Lane

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long Hand & Long Nights

Haven't had anytime to post any thing cool up here. Have a whole journal full of short hand writings I've filled up but can't seem to find time to sit in front of the computer and actually type them up. For now, I'm finishing my commitments to North Lincoln HS Football Team, cutting BAD ASS KILLERS and writing THE DRIVE IN. You want proof? Here you go.


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Music Playlist for "The Drive In"

So I'm writing a buddy/coming of age picture and it takes place in 1987 and to bring back memories, images, and situations from that time in my life, I've resulted in loading my iPod with music from around that time. It's crazy because with every one of these songs comes a memory of something- A dance, a girl, a location. Music is such a great way to relive your past. It has really helped me write this film.

The Drive In Playlist (Just for Starters)

1... WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN, The Bangles (Columbia) (#1, Dec 1986)
*2... ALONE, Heart (Capitol) (#1, July)
*3... SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott (Columbia) (#1, Jan)
*4... I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (Who Loves Me), Whitney Houston (Arista) (#1, June)
*5... NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW, Starship (Grunt) (#1, April)
6... C'EST LA VIE, Robbie Nevil (EMI-Manhattan) (#2, Jan)
*7... HERE I GO AGAIN, Whitesnake (Geffen) (#1, Oct)
*8... THE WAY IT IS, Bruce Hornsby and the Range (RCA) (#1, Dec 1986)
*9... SHAKEDOWN, Bob Segar (MCA) (#1, Aug)
*10.. LIVIN' ON A PRAYER, .. Bon Jovi (Mercury) (#1, Feb)
*11.. LA BAMBA, Los Lobos (Slash) (#1, Aug)
12.. EVERYBODY HAVE FUN TONIGHT, Wang Chung (Geffen) (#2, Dec 1986)
13.. DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER, Crowded House (Capitol) (#2, April)
*14.. ALWAYS, Atlantic Starr (Warner Brothers) (#1, June)
*15.. WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, U2 (Island) (#1, May)
16.. LOOKING FOR A NEW LOVE, Jody Wately (MCA) (#2, May)
*17.. HEAD TO TOE, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (Columbia) (#1, June)
*18.. I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW, Tiffany (MCA) (#1, Nov)
*19.. MONY MONY "LIVE", Billy Idol (Chrysalis) (#1, Nov)
*20.. AT THIS MOMENT, Billy Vera and the Beatlers (Rhino) (#1, Jan)
21.. THE LADY IN RED, Chris DeBurgh (A&M) (#3, May)
*22.. DIDN'T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL, Whitney Houston (Arista) (#1, Sept)
24.. I WANT YOUR SEX, George Michael (Columbia) (#2, Aug)
25.. NOTORIOUS, Duran Duran (Capitol) (#2, Jan)
26.. ONLY IN MY DREAMS, Debbie Gibson (Atlantic) (#4, Sept)
*27.. (I've Had) THE TIME OF MY LIFE, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes (RCA) (#1, Nov)
*28.. THE NEXT TIME I FALL, Peter Cetera with Amy Grant (Warner Brothers) (#1, Dec 1986)
*29.. LEAN ON ME, Club Nouveau (Warner Brothers) (#1, March)
*30.. OPEN YOUR HEART, Madonna (Sire) (#1, Feb)
*31.. LOST IN EMOTION, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (Columbia) (#1, Oct)
*32.. (I Just) DIED IN YOUR ARMS, The Cutting Crew (Virgin) (#1, May)
33.. HEART AND SOUL, T'Pau (Virgin) (#4, Aug)
*34.. YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON, Kim Wilde (MCA) (#1, June)
35 ..KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF, The Georgia Satellites (Elektra) (#2, Feb)
*36.. I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING (For Me), Aretha Franklin and George Michael (Arista) (#1, April)
37.. CONTROL, Janet Jackson (A&M) (#5, Jan)
38.. U GOT THE LOOK, Prince (Paisley Park) (#2, Oct)
39.. SOMEWHERE OUT THERE, Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram (MCA) (#2, March)
40.. LAND OF CONFUSION, Genesis (Altantic) (#4, Jan)
*41.. JACOB'S LADDER, Huey Lewis and the News (Chrysalis) (#1, March)
*42.. WHO'S THAT GIRL, Madonna (Sire) (#1, Aug)
43.. YOU GOT IT ALL, The Jets (MCA) (#3, March)
44.. TOUCH ME (I Want Your Body), Samantha Fox (Jive) (#4, Feb)
*45.. I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU, Michael Jackson (with Siedah Garrett) (#1, Sept)
46.. CAUSING A COMMOTION, Madonna (Sire) (#2, Oct)
47.. IN TOO DEEP, Genesis (Altantic) (#3, June)
48.. LET'S WAIT AWHILE, Janet Jackson (A&M) (#2, March)
49.. HIP TO BE SQUARE, Huey Lewis and the News (Chrysalis) (#3, Dec 1986)
50.. WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME, Chicago (Warner Brothers) (#3, Feb)
51.. LITTLE LIES, Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers) (#4, Nov)
52.. LUKA, Suzanne Vega (A&M) (#3, Aug)
53.. I HEARD A RUMOUR, Bananarama (London) (#4, Sept)
54.. DON'T MEAN NOTHING, Richard Marx (EMI-Manhattan) (#3, Aug)
55.. SONGBIRD, Kenny G (Arista) (#4, July)
56.. CARRIE, Europe (Epic) (#3, Oct)
57.. DON'T DISTURB THIS GROOVE, The System (Atlantic) (#4, July)
58.. LA ISLA BONITA, Madonna (Sire) (#4, May)
*59.. BAD, Michael Jackson (Epic) (#1, Oct)
60.. SIGN 'O' THE TIMES, Prince (Paisley Park) (#3, April)
61.. CHANGE OF HEART, Cyndi Lauper (Portrait) (#3, Feb)
62.. COME GO WITH ME, Expose (Arista) (#5, April)
63.. CAN'T WE TRY, Dan Hill with Vonda Shepard (Columbia) (#6, Sept)
64.. TO BE A LOVER, Billy Idol (Chrysalis) (#6, Dec 1986)
65.. MANDOLIN RAIN, Bruce Hornsby and the Range (RCA) (#4, March)
66.. BREAKOUT, Swing Out Sister (Mercury) (#6, Nov)
67.. STAND BY ME, Ben E. King (Atlantic) (#9, Dec 1986) (#4, June 1961)
68.. TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT, Genesis (Altantic) (#3, April)
69.. SOMEDAY, Glass Tiger (EMI-Manhattan) (#7, Jan)
70.. WHEN SMOKEY SINGS, ABC (Mercury) (#5, Sept)
71.. CASANOVA, Levert (Atlantic) (#5, Oct)
72.. RHYTHM IS GONNA GET YOU, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine (Epic) (#5, Aug)
73.. ROCK STEADY, The Whispers (Solar) (#7, Aug)
74.. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, Bon Jovi (Mercury) (#7, June)
75.. BIG TIME, Peter Gabriel (Geffen) (#8, March)
76.. THE FINER THINGS, Steve Winwood (Island) (#8, April)
77.. LET ME BE THE ONE, Expose (Arista) (#7, Oct)
78.. IS THIS LOVE, Survivor (Scotti Brothers) (#9, Jan)
79.. DIAMONDS, Herb Alpert (with Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith) (A&M) (#5, June)
80.. POINT OF NO RETURN, Expose (Arista) (#5, July)
81.. BIG LOVE, Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers) (#5, May)
82.. MIDNIGHT BLUE, Lou Gramm (Atlantic) (#5, April)
83.. SOMETHING SO STRONG, Crowded House (Capitol) (#7, July)
84.. HEAT OF THE NIGHT, Bryan Adams (A&M) (#6, May)
85.. NOTHING'S GONNA CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU, Glenn Mederios (Amherst) (#12, June)
86.. BRILLIANT DISGUISE, Bruce Springsteen (Columbia) (#5, Nov)
87.. JUST TO SEE HER, Smokey Robinson (Motown) (#8, July)
88.. WHO WILL YOU RUN TO, Heart (Capitol) (#7, Oct)
89.. RESPECT YOURSELF, Bruce Willis (Motown) (#5, March)
90.. CROSS MY BROKEN HEART, The Jets (MCA) (#7, Aug)
91.. VICTORY, Kool and the Gang (Mercury) (#10, Jan)
92.. DON'T GET ME WRONG, The Pretenders (Sire) (#10, Dec 1986)
93.. DOING IT ALL FOR MY BABY, Huey Lewis and the News (Chrysalis) (#6, Sept)
94.. RIGHT ON TRACK, The Breakfast Club (MCA) (#7, May)
95.. BALLERINA GIRL, Lionel Richie (Motown) (#7, Feb)
96.. MEET ME HALF WAY, Kenny Loggins (Columbia) (#11, June)
97.. I'VE BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE, The Cutting Crew (Virgin) (#9, Nov)
98.. (You Gotta) FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (To Party), The Beastie Boys (Def Jam) (#7, March)
99.. FUNKYTOWN, Pseudo Echo (RCA) (#6, July)
100.. LOVE YOU DOWN, Ready For the World (MCA) (#9, Feb)

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jeopardy Goes To Asheville Film Festival

The aura of the year of my life which was Jeopardy had some of the best and worst of times, of my professional career into it. From the production spats to the scuffles over post-production direction, by the time the film was finally complete at Christmas of 2007,  I was over it. If you weighed the amount of time it took to prep and complete to the amount of time it lasted in the "proverbial theater" or should I say, "psyche of the audience and people involved," there would've been making an analogy to boxing, "A TKO in the 1st Round". But nearly five months after forgetting I submitted this film to festivals at the end of April, the film keeps poking me, reminding me of the film that although lacked story and character, became a cinematic gem that not only was the catalyst to me being able to do this sort of thing full time, but also stamped my presence as a filmmaker on the cusp of a wide open career.

Jeopardy will be playing at The Asheville Film Festival November 12th-November 15th. I am unsure of which night or time as the Program and Schedule have not been published on their site yet. Here is a link to the site. They said all the information was coming soon. Ryan might be making into town for it. Should be fun if he does. 

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Perfect Format

I've been writing a new film and because I have been spending so much time editing this past two weeks, I can't bring myself to sit behind a cpu monitor those couple hours I get after the kids go to sleep to actually type the screenplay. This film is a little different than my normal high octane, balls to the wall, dark dramas/thrillers, I'm a custom to writing. This one is a buddy picture and really quite simple like films I've grown to love, "Beautiful Girls," "Sling Blade," "Dirty Dancing." So I went to the bottom rack of my CD collection and took every song from the eighties, and as sad as it sounds, it was a lot of them. My story takes place in 1987 at the height of the Iran/Contra affair and is based around a Drive In Theater the week after "Dirty Dancing" opens so I wanted to capture that time in my life by jamming the 80's songs as I wrote. Anyway, so I was reading something on Tarantino where he turned in the first draft of Inglorious Basterds written in a composition book with a Number 2 pencil.... I'm thinking.... Wow, how great would that be. That would make life for the "do it all" filmmaker a whole lot easier. Heck, I probably would write more just knowing that I wouldn't have to translate my chicken scratch in front of a word processing program sooner or later. Maybe when I get the clout Tarantino has, I'll be able to do that.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Tales From The Editing Bay - A Good Scene

It's amazing to me in filmmaking what impresses me. i've shot ALMOST everything you could possibly shoot from one time to another. Some stuff I remember. Some I don't. Some setups took hours to get right. Others minutes-- And you never know from one shoot to the next what is going to turn out and not. In B.A.K, there was two weeks of weariness, lack of resources, harsh sun light and terrible audio. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Some scenes I smiled about when they were done. Others I pissed on. This scene was the LAST scene we shot and by this time I was indifferent to any of my aesthetics. Today in the editing room, I actually looked at this scene for the first time and there was just something about it. I can't tell you what it is. The lighting isn't perfect, the audio is horrendous but there is just something about this scene that I love. Ten minutes into the cut of the film, this is my favorite scene "look wise" so far.

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Tales from the Editing Room - Jeopardy Tie In

Until I started cutting B.A.K, I had forgotten that we had incorporated Jeopardy into the film. Sure we had a problem with licensing so we could not use a "real" newspaper, but we thought it would be rather cool to use this newspaper because it's almost like the little city of Metro/Harbor City would live on and while B.A.K like Jeopardy, all happens in real time, it means this woman who is reading this paper is actually reading it the day that paper came out which means during the climax of the kidnap heist Brian, Art, Slow and Hannah (of BAK,) are in the middle of later that night, across town Henry is chasing Dana through the city streets. I find it kind of cool that, that paper ties in two separate stories transpiring the same day in the same city.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day

So many people drive around or sit out in their yards and never see what's above them or what's around them. They don't see what I do. Sure this picture is not for composition or aesthetics. It was just to capture what today looked like at noon. Fantastic. I want to spend the rest of the day outside now.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

City of Hickory Comes Through Again

Imagine me utilizing down town for a film shoot. Well, of course I was approved with a simple please and a site map. So "One Night in America" has a home set to shoot October 12th, 2009.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Memory and an Idea of 1987

In my last entry that wasn’t just a photo, I spoke of having writer’s block. I spoke of 3 projects that I needed to see through. I had felt since I could not come up with something new and fresh to make a film about, I should go the easy route and finish one that has already been penciled here and there. That entry was on Thursday night. Things have drastically changed in four days. What is amazing is when I am sleep deprived, I am normally no good in the “creative” department. This weekend was one of the worst for that sleep deprived part. I was fighting a mean Sinus Infection and had not gotten to sleep due to my night gig of shooting High School Football running late and just an overall restlessness late at night. (Probably due to the big ole’ Coke I drank at the game at 9:00pm.) Well, the kids don’t take that under consideration when they wake up so my four hours of sleep I calculated would mean a very unproductive Saturday normally. The house needed cleaning and the kids were ready to help so I started the daunting task slowing a bit after the second room was complete. I thought maybe music would keep me moving. I hit the shuffle on iTunes and managed to get my vast collection of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen jamming. I began vacuuming as “Dancing in the Dark” began to play. With the kids not at my feet, my mind started wandering to time back in the day when his album “Born in the USA,” was soaring the charts. I remember listening to it over and over with my buddy Russ in their big Mobile Caravan coming back from Myrtle Beach and was “going with” his sister, Ellie. I remember how simple the time was back then and how much fun we had. Then I started thinking of other times Russ and I had growing up. Then my son who is infamous for grabbing a remote control and changing the channel on cue turned the television from PBS to A&E who was doing a tribute to Patrick Swayze and were showing “Dirty Dancing.” This sparked more memories of my young adult hood and then a story idea came to my head using all these old memories of The Russell’s and my friendship with them and memories of those late 80’s years. The idea ran me over like a freight train and the next three hours between chasing kids and cleaning house were devoted to jotting down different scenarios and different angles on this small drama/comedy I had conjured up out of shear little glimpses of images, sounds, and memories. Between my long trip to a shooting gig yesterday and the 3 hour down time waiting for the fight to begin had me sitting with my blue pencil and moleskin just hashing out all these unique characters. I did that all day on Sunday and as my daughter drifted off to sleep, I found myself unable to wait for a quiet day by myself to begin writing the script. It was 10:30pm... I had an hour or so before I knew I would have to force myself to quit and go to bed but it didn’t stop me from penning the first three pages of my next “personal project.” I am very excited. Thank you Russell’s, (Russ, Clarence, Margaret, Keira and Ellie.) Thanks Bruce Springsteen and Born in the USA Album. Thanks to Swayze, A & E, and my meddling son who just so happened to change the channel at the absolute perfect time during the absolute perfect thought. This is how films, stories and images are made for me.... Timing and memories.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writer's Block

As days turn into weeks for client’s work and deadlines to be met, there has been very little time to do my own projects. The idea of when I went into business for myself was one, not to have to work for another shitty boss but two, working for myself would free me up a little more time to do the projects I want to do. For the past two years, between Jeopardy, BAK, and working for myself, there have been four projects that were completely abandoned. Invasion was obviously booted for budget purposes. The others were scripts for features: One a horror film I thought I may be able to raise money for if Jeopardy was good enough, then I read a friend’s script and realized there are a million slasher films out there and although mine is sort of Tarantino-esque style where it’s kind of a cross between an “ode to slasher films” to “a character driven slasher film,” it’s still a dead market right now. Then there was my “Debauchery” script that I have been tweaking story ideas for for nearly three years and may be due to be penned being “my next project.” Then there is Epic that still has yet to be rewritten for my agent to shop. A lot of the reason is because I just can’t find the inspiration to write lately. My website needs updating, BAK needs editing, BUT I feel I should be doing something being I’m five years away from the mid life mark and should get on it if I want my career to be where I said it would be by 40. So what do I do on my little amount of off time, from BAK’s editing among others? I must find an inspiration and get on one of them. I mean, I find myself drawing character sketches to scripts that aren’t written and other dumb stuff on my free time. That little time would be better used actually writing.

Read the first twelve pages of these three scripts and tell me which one I should work on.

The Fantasy Adventure for Shopping Purposes. (Couldn’t make this one, nope.)

Ode to Slasher Film - Think Deliverance meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Rob Zombie

Gritty Drama/Thriller. Think White Trash “Payback” or “The Limey”

See the full gallery on posterous

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