Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lane's Thirteen

So I’m getting married Saturday... It’s gonna’ be one of the best weekends of my life. Not only am I marrying this hot chick I’ve
tried to nail down for five years, but all my friends around here I grew up with and my extended family of friends I grew close with from the West Coast are coming in. I’ve never felt so
loved in my life. How a dunch like me managed to find such good friends who would sacrifice their time, money and the headache of flying, driving or walking to Hickory this weekend, I will never know.
Either way, ALMOST everyone, (ex.Jazz,Justin,Mike D,) I love and care about will be at the Jameson Inn from Thursday to Sunday together and you better believe the video cameras will be rolling on what we have
know come to tentatively know as, ’The Lanes 13 Project.’ I can hardly sleep, I’m so excited and I know... I better get as much rest as possible. Here are some clips and links to past memories of my extended families get togethers and everyday life.


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