Friday, May 26, 2006

Chapter 10 - Flying Solo

With Cutter off doing his next get rich quick project and Wade under a rock somewhere, I was given the task of carrying this forward on my lonesome. I had already told Ryan that I was going to make this porn so for once in a long time; I was going to keep my word. Wade had fallen off the wagon after nearly a year of sobriety. He was great at what he did. He was an artist. A genius in the Photoshop and Flash department would be an understatement to say about him. I thought it to be amazing that even being hammered by two o clock in the afternoon by two in the afternoon he could teach himself all these platforms. His wife had thrown him out after coming home late with a hint of J&B scotch on his breath. He had said we were at a late night business meeting, which prompted a call from her to my house. She laid into me about influencing him to drink again. I kind of screwed up by telling her the truth.
Garrick! You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you put him in that situation, she yelled.
I gave her my annoyed stock reply,
Janice, what the fuck are talking about?
Hes been drinking. He said hes been at the office. The office! I know Cutter has a little wet bar there and you of all people, I thought would be a little more responsible, she growled.
Janice, Ive been working from home for the past three weeks. My baby was born a week ago, which by the way, you have not come by to see, and I havent seen Cutter nor Wade in at least a week.
Then what she was saying hit me.
Wait a minute. Hes been drinking?
Yes. He said he hadnt been, but cmon. Ive known him long enough to know when his breath smells like alcohol.
Where is he now?
I threw him out. Im not going through that again. I refuse.
I didnt know what to tell her. I had done the intervention and driven him to Black Mountain for his 28 days in the dehydrator.
You guys didnt go out and party?
Janice, now that Ive blown his cover, do you think I would deny that to you and not at least bullshit to save his ass. If I were going to cover for him, I wouldnt sell him out to save myself. I dont have a drinking problem, I carefully stated.

She paused.

I can go look for him if it will make you feel any better.
No. I dont want him here. Ive been seeing somebody else anyway and I dont care if everybody knows it. With the exception of the past nine months, that man has made me miserable and I was just waiting for an excuse to get out. I just found it. If you find the rock hes under, tell him I said that.

She hung up on me. I didnt blame her. He had been the biggest pain in the ass of a friend a guy could have. The only thing I had to him was loyalty. There were years where our group of friends would come up with excuses to not hang out with him. He must have thought we were the busiest group of twenty year olds on the face of the planet.
I felt bad, but it didnt really surprise nor faze me. Like Janice, all I needed was to have to invest another night of counseling or fist fighting with him to get thrown outta the bar so that he couldnt drink anymore, to write him off.

SoHere I was. A business proposal, a dream and everything in place besides the most important element of all of it all, the money. I rounded up some potential names I had in my big brown bag, but would not be able to meet with them this month due to our conflicting schedules so I just continued using the phone and corresponding with Ryan.

I told him what I was dealing with and told me, if I could raise my budget to twelve thousand, I could fly out to LA and shoot the whole thing, with big names, big productions and connections out the wahzoo. I told him I would see.

I didnt possibly know how I was gonna see. I couldnt see an investor that would be willing to give me five bucks let alone twelve thousand. I mean I had two budgets. One that allowed me to import a couple of well knowns, from wherever to bookend the other unknowns from here in the five scene structure of XXX gonzo videos. My first option was pushing around eight grand already. Of course, the alternate option was what I had aimed for to get and that was a six grand, all local talent amateur four scener. If I managed to achieve that, I would decide for myself where to go from there.

I sat at my office desk, feeding Payton and just letting the whole make a porn idea roll around in my head. The thought of making the porn right here in North Carolina was the whole reason I did this in the first place. If I were to go to Los Angeles with a hunk of money in my pocket and shoot the thing out there under the tutelage of the man himself and in the place where a porn doesnt seem quite so far fetched, what was the point besides being able to say I shot a porn?

I looked down at Payton. She didnt have any words of wisdom for me.

Then it came to me.

So what if I did not shoot the thing in North Carolina? I still lived there and Ryan of course was right by suggesting that I do it that way. If I raised twelve grand and flew to LA, shot the movie, came home and edited it, sent it back out to Ryan, the chance of getting a quick sells numbers would sky rocket. I mean, this may not have the schtick that making a porn in the bible belt would have, but it would be, (for the investors and my nerves,) the easiest way to continue the plan.

I mean, I would hate and go behind all my staff here who are doing such a great job and then actually pay the guy I thought I would never be in a position to pay, I thought. God, may this be the crossroads where our paths cross again. Maybe this was how it was suppose to transpire.

The plan: I find an investor for twelve thousand, guarantee their money back within two months, wave a couple of hot well known actresses names in their face, and give them the exclusive ticket to come out and see all the action take place. Who could resist that deal?

This was my ticket back to LA. If this plan went through it would position me to visit and stay in LA at least once a month while still having my life here. Raising twelve thousand dollars was going to be no easy task, but then again finding good help to try and raise eight was no easy task either.

Ill fly solo. Ill fly to LA. Ill fly to the opportunity.

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