Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crew Status and The Movie List

**CAST & CREW UPDATE: I have received many resumes for crew around NC. Nobody has been contacted yet, because I want to have the location debacle completely aced before I begin that process so anybody wondering why they have not been contacted.... Don't worry. I have contacted nobody.

I am a HUGE Michael Mann fan. Most people know this. It's unfortunate sometimes because the people that don't like Meter compare my film to Collateral, which was... Directed by Michael Mann and involves a Cab Driver and Man wielding a gun. So when they hear I get my influences from Mann then they really rake me over the coals. I've been out of the "lighting" game for quite sometime. I can easily tell you what I want Jeopardy to look like, but when it comes to actually picking out the gear needed to accomplish that look, I don't know so much. I have in the past productions given cast and crew a small list of films to watch to inspire, grab ideas from, and well get cultured. The list is usually different but similar films that have inspired the film we are working on. It may be the camera work, costumes, lighting, lens work, pace... May be a lot of things, but the movies all have a little bit of influence on how I want MY movie to look. Here is the Movie List for Jeopardy. If you guys get time, watch a couple of these. These are the little things that tie into one big one.

1. Miami Vice
2. Heat
3. The Brave One
4. Collateral
5. The Maltese Falcon
6. Touch of Evil
7. Casino
8. Chinatown
9. Mean Streets

If you watch these films take a good look at the surroundings. The lighting, location and art direction. I want to to go with a real cool, but colorful look with hard shadows on buildings, down hallways. These films have some of what has influenced this movie. Take a look a couple of them and tell me what you come up with.

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