Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three Decisions Away

OK, you’ve heard me say it a couple times but this is huge. My jig is about to be danced. (Like seriously, a week or so away.) No, I’m no better financially or sure of the future of my film but I DO KNOW THIS. I am three decisions away from putting Jeopardy behind me. On December 23rd, I thought I had finished but like the cuts before something was missing. Well, I figured out what that was and fixed it but ran into a situation where many people enjoyed my first cut better than my definitive cut so I got a little worried. Then Mark mentioned he was having the same issue as I was which meant, (if you know Mark,) I had to go with my gut and adjust. I spent a week tweaking my cut ONE MORE TIME and bada bing, I got the reaction I wanted, so here it is. MY CUT has 35 votes, MY CUT BEFORE MY CUT has 29. Well, 10 votes of MY CUT’S are crew and cast members of the actual movie which really mean alot. BUT-- Ryan, Rick and my good friend, Nathan, in Miami who I trust to give me an accurate critique, have not seen either cut. I sent the DVD’s out today and as soon as I get back the verdict from the three, I’ll make a decision and LOCK DOWN THE FILM, DANCE MY JIG and MOVE THE F%#@ OWN.

The Proof of the Movie being.....99% done.

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