Monday, March 16, 2009

Going Back to My Roots

So going back to my roots for a couple of months to prepare a small film we’re shooting on the P2 to kill some time, (and brain cells,) I’ve prepared a ten page script based on another Rick Deal short story, entitled “Friend of a Friend.” The story was originally called, “Two Wrongs,” which name I have decided to stay with for “cinematic” purposes. With half of the same crew as we had with Jeopardy, I plan to shoot this picture in 48 hours. It is all one location and only requires a select few props. Since the size of the film is scaled down 75%, my preparations and plan will be as well. This is what I’m calling an “Experimental Film,” in which a script has been written but will not be followed and unlike all my other pictures, I will not being using a shot list, complex boards, or breakdown sheets. I’m gonna’ wing it focusing more on directing the actors than what the proverbial shot or newsstand look like. Many of the same people are back from Jeopardy, just some in different roles. It should be a fun little film to do.

Like this entry from the past, I have a ritual of making a small portable notebook with all the necessary papers etc in it. Jeopardy’s book ended being the second biggest I had ever had to make. It was a 2” soft 3 ring binder that was so packed at the end of the first day, it had to be held together with rubber bands.

Two Wrongs, nowhere near that. For this one it’s back to my rear pocket with a 5” inch Moleskin used especially for Storyboards. In it I have a fitted script taped to pages with gaffer tape. With that includes the KEY shots I have to have in the can so I sketched them out to keep me from forgetting along with my notes and sketches of the 4 ONLY props needed to be constructed. Simple, basic, like the film shoot will be. I am looking forward to working with the men and women behind the making of Jeopardy again. This one should be much less stressful and hopefully if we’ve all learned something-- Just as good.

My Jeopardy Production Notebook

My Wrongs Production Notebook

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