Thursday, June 1, 2006

Slashers, Dancers and a Couple of Goons Part 2

So I finished my Friday the 13th weekend Saturday afternoon. I had run out of installments to the franchise, refusing Jason takes Manhattan or Freddy vs. Jason as three more hours of filler. I have my reasons, but nonetheless, I watched all the important ones, but instead of just watching them and trying to relive those days in Russ basement, I pulled my steno pad out and began to breakdown the movies by scenes, length, blood etc. The reasoning behind it was to find a close estimation to the total budget for these particular small scale, run and hide, some blood on your sleeve kind of movies. I figured Part 1 to come in at about $700,000. Now that was 1979, mind you, but they also shot film, whereas these days its HD, so give and take in 2006, we would say $1 million, max budget on it. The others dont matter in my particular case, because I DONT DO SEQUELS. I will never shoot a sequel unless I George Lucased it and had three movies already written in order. But if you really want to know the budgets I discovered, add about $150,00 more to each of the franchise until Manhattan which was a whopping $5 million.

My film, if done exactly like an 80s film, would run at about $900,000. That is peanuts for a film, but my chances of getting it to a big time distributor would be tough. The thought of reliving the eighties through a nostalgic film piece gives me goose bumps and although I am up to my ears in productions, I may or may not ever get to even writing the actual screenplay. Im a pen and pad kind of person when Im writing any kind of documentation (in fact, this was had written and copied,) so it seems to take twice the time it should to get any manuscript in print form. I had actually written the first three scenes of the movie, but have had a hard time finding that particular notebook, but I still have the scenes in my head. Theres the cheesey music, raw images of the woods of the quiet hills of North Carolina, an old Volkswagen Van, and a lot of Karo and red food coloring.
You know what, Ive got a free weekend coming up. Im going to find that notebook and at least pen a couple of scenes. What marathon should I do? The Chainsaw, the White Mask or the Red and Green Sweater? Ive lost my interest in Freddy, so Im gonna go with the Texas boys. Maybe even the Next Generation one with Zellwegger and that stoner from Austin. Its a shame I couldnt go back down in Russ basement for the weekend with the movies, a VCR, and my notepad. I would have a shooting script by the time the season finale of The Sopranos came on. Ol, how I would love to tell Russ how much his basement, his twin sisters and the HBO box has meant to me.

Yep, thats what Im gonna do.

While we are on horror movies, my buddies out west just finished a zombie flick that they are in distributing deals with as we speak, so the movie is not far from reaching us. You should check out the trailers and info on their site:

The Quick and the Undead

Otherwise, heres my premise--

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