Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Ride in the Wheelbarrel

OK, so right when you think all the hard work and frustration never pays off and the years of eating shit have made you a sour, haggard pissed off casualty, somebody comes and throws you in a wheelbarrel and carries you a couple more miles, (or until, you wake up from your drunken stupor and realize, that you are too old to change professions.) The wheelbarrel came to me in the form of a review this time around. Another film festival down…. Another set of steak knives… But maybe a win worth more than the Grand Prize cash. As my lack of sleep from not having enough time to get pre production done on TA and JEP, made me a basket case and again, put me at the point of saying, "Eff it," and finding a new career,  I receive a review from a small paper publication in Wilmington. It read like this:

In the words of Al Pacino, "I try to get out and they KEEP PULLLINNNGGG MMMEEE BACCCCKKKK IIIINNNNN!" – Without the heart attack of course.

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