Friday, September 19, 2008

The Future

With Jeopardy's initial production a mere 11 days away from being completed and post production beginning, the time to start thinking more down the road is upon me. I am great at multi-tasking but that doesn't mean I like to do it and when it comes to my craft, I walk a very fine line. Luckily I have four/five things on my plate that I will begin tackling come maybe two Fridays from now and none of them really overlap each other where I compromise creativity by trying to do too much.

One: My friend Clint, who starred in my Junior film, 'A Soldier's Battle,' and then 'Jobbers,' has begun making a pretty good living making horror movies and has his epic western horror film, "Dead Man's Draw," filming in Dallas in October and he has privileged and honored me by asking me to be the 1st Assistant Director. That will be just what the doctor ordered coming off of a year of internal misery over prepping Jeopardy. It will be nice to be on a real set again.

Two: Of course, Jeopardy's Editing. The plan at this point is to cut a rough cut of it in NC and then break out to my home away from home, LA and master it. All the while meeting with our new investors about the future of Roadhouse Pictures and Horror Films.....

Three: That's right.... It looks like we've been tapped to do a couple of B Horror Films/Straight to DVD kind of things to get us moving in a Filmmaking kind of direction. They pay, and are fun as hell to do. We're looking at 3 titles at $300,000.00 a piece. (I'm sure that will go down before the smoke clears. It always does.) So funny, Ryan, Rick and Garrick [me] the three guys responsible for merging to make Rick's story finds themselves kind of all writing their own on their own and then merging ideas to fine tune all three. I cheated. I started writing 'Blood on Ansel River,' a year ago. Of course I got to page 30 and re invisioned it and stopped writing it as Jeopardy and Meter began taking all my time. Well, it's back to the 'Blue Pencil' and notebook to finish and get my career moving at a faster pace.

Fourth: Real simple... Find a new real job to get me until January. I REALLY REALLY HATE MINE.

The first three pages of "Blood":

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