Friday, May 31, 2013

Wooden Bleachers and The O's

I remember T Shirt Night at the Crockett Stadium when I was seven years old and my father would take us to see then a semi pro team play ball in Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte O's. I believe they were Double A which back then was the as good as PRO BALL. Even though everything has changed from those days, every time I am in this stadium, those memories resurface like they were yesterday for some reason. I will always remember Crockett Field. The wood bleachers. The Charlotte O's... It's one of those memories you keep with you forever. Like a Deja Vu kind of thing and every time a landmark passes, that memory comes back.... Charlotte Knight Stadium in Fort Mill, SC is that landmark for that memory. Charlotte Knights Stadium.... The last time I will sit in it like this.... As of next year, we will be in downtown Charlotte, a new stadium and a new look and all those memories of wood bleachers, t-shirt night, the orange and blue and my father with me there may or may not go with it.... I will preserve tonight for as long as I can. The Charlotte O's

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