Thursday, September 26, 2013


Since Fantasy Football is just fantasy football, I tend to want to test my “front of the house skills” and make some moves and get some less known, reputable players to build a team by and as anybody knows or has played with me, I end up doing a lot of cutting at the beginning of the season and by the time the season’s out of reach, I find the winning mix. Take last year for example: 0-7 then went 8-8. You would think I would learn by now that this way to play requires much more time and effort than just say, getting a team with a reputation already in check or a track record that has been there for a couple of seasons… But no… That would be too easy in my already easy schedule. I’m a glutton for my own punishment and the Quest for building a Winning Fantasy team with underdogs, has beens and unknowns continues into Year 4…. This year, may be the worst year ever and Ownership is already making “calls” to other GM’s even if they plan to keep me for the remainder of the season. I all but botched the Draft Process by forgetting that it was a “snake” draft not a “cap” draft, not to mention having to do one of the three drafts in the bullpen of the Greenville Drive Baseball Club with limited concentration due to being on the clock elsewhere. I then decided I wasn’t happy with half the team I drafted so I cut them for lesser knowns than they already were counting solely on Russell Wilson, Shane Vereen and Stevie Johnson to CARRY my team. That didn’t work either so again the “Moneyball” aspect of my approach has failed me miserably going into Week 4 at 0-3. Every strategy, plan, and idea I had is gone and any spark of sport-terial ingenuity I may have during the week is squashed by forthcoming Thursday night. The latest scenario came just yesterday. Nate Burleson, WR for the Lions was one of my first team listers. I liked him in Training Camp and was sure if the Lions started off good, he would be the reason. I contemplated picking him up but chose to wait. Well Week 2 would prove the Lions and Burleson meant business so Thursday night I cut, Hakeem Nicks who looks like he will be invisible this year. By Tuesday morning’s Transactions, Burleson had broken his hand from a car accident over the weekend. This will sum up my 2013 Fantasy Season at first look. A car wreck. An unemployed delusional Al Davis without a legacy. Fantasy Football is just that and is suppose to be fun. Anybody thinking about playing, to “experiment,” is high on drugs. I am too competitive to experiment. I know better. This is my testament. No more Billy Beane-ing around trying to make a point. It may work in Baseball as the 2013 A’s and 2013 Boston Red Sox have proved but in football, you won’t win a championship with a bunch of Nobody’s. It doesn’t work. Get a good solid team, keep the starters in and check your progress once a week. Otherwise you make another job out of it. Like I have. An experiment in sabermetrics pigskin style… The idea of “yards matter, touchdowns don’t is horse shit.” Back to the scouting and hours of analytical crap until I can pen one W onto my record. Did I mention there is a gun on my desk with one bullet in it…. I’m not suicidal…. It’s for CJ SPILLER.

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