Monday, April 27, 2009

The Aviator Editing Sin

When you've watched a film as many times as I have watched 'The Aviator',(or any other film,) sooner or later you are going to catch the Editing, and Continuity problems of any of them. The Aviator was snubbed for best picture of the year losing to Million Dollar Baby which was a great film to lose to BUT Thelma Schoonmaker who edits all of Scorcese's films won for Best Editing. She's a fantastic editor and hell won an oscar for her editing BUT I found a mess up and as small as it may seem to many people, to an editor it is one of the carnal sins that Thelma and her team or the Weinsteins or even Scorcese should have caught. I double checked my itunes mp4 to my DVD version and the mess up is in both which leads me to believe-- It's in all the Masters down to the 35mm print. At 1:30:08 into the film, Howard, (Leonardo DiCaprio,) is trying to pay a reporter, (cameo by Wilem Dafoe,) to bury some pictures of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn together trying to prevent them from going to press. On the third still of the montage of paparazzi pictures right when Leonardo says, "All the negatives," there is one stray frame from a scene fifteen minutes earlier. The still is of a close up of Howard's girlfriend. This frame wasn't intentional. This is a stray frame that wondered down the timeline and somehow never got seen or removed. Below is the frame before the stray frame and the frame after the stray frame.

This mess up gives me hope. If a Master Editor and Directors like Scorcese and Producers like the Weinsteins and Michael Mann can miss this "amateur hour mistake." I've got nothing to worry about when they turn my rock over.

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