Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Gem of a Seedy Hotel

With times changing and people wanting to pay more money for more security, the "enter from the outside" style motel room is all but dead in even some of the most obscure cities in the country. You still see them sure-- Most of them still pumped in security features such as card entry, surveillance cameras and even upon entering the stinch of Ikea style build up furniture and colorful tacky decor is evident giving it the feel of "new" or "newly remodeled." For Two Wrongs, it needed to be seedy. I mean the seedy I spent my high school years partying in because one, it was cheap and two, the owners would rent to seventeen year olds because they didn't worry about the place being more damaged than it already was.

In Hickory, fifteen years ago, finding a hotel room with the old "stench" with old rundown couches and scuffed furniture would be no problem whatsoever. These days-- It may actually be a little harder. The two places I had in mind were no longer an option as one did the standard "upgrade" on their rooms and the other, the opposite getting condemned for lack of care.

One of my silent partners, (in the next sentence, not so silent,) Manish Patel got me the proverbial "hook up" in the Icard Inn in Icard, North Carolina. From the old school "key entry from the outside" to "old blanket coverings for the furniture," this place was it. I actually in all my years of doing this had never really been 100% on the locations my small budgets have forced my productions to call home. This one was a first. It is perfect.

Now, as far as the rumors that this production may get put on the back burner-- Well the rumor may be true. There is a lot going on with my company right now and I'm finding less time and less focus on another film right now. I'll get in to more detail as soon as I make a decision. As for now, we're still shooting in May. Here is the actual room, the film will be taking place in.

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