Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Festival Circuit Begins

Three years ago, (correction from my facebook entry status,) I entered my small flawed film , Meter in a couple film festivals on the East Coast. With surprise, we actually got into a couple of them. The Real to Reel Festival was one of them. Of the seven the film got into, R to R was one of the only ones I was able to spend the whole weekend at. They’re hospitality, professionalism, and line up was top notch. Minus the bulb in the projector going out making my already darker film even darker the festival was wonderful. It didn’t really matter the technical issue, my film didn’t stand a chance against the competition it was up against. Meter was runner up against a great film, Warlord that took the gold. So with the deadline for submission closing in on the 2009 festival, I crammed to finish Jeopardy to give it a chance to revisit that great festival in Kings Mountain. When Meter was accepted I received an email from Violet Arth telling me I had got in. It was a beautiful ending to my wedding weekend back in 2007. Well, I returned from Oak Island to a letter from the festival, so I was sure after getting bumped from the Seattle Film Festival, that a letter must be bad news since I had not received an email and guess what: Jeopardy was accepted. So I’m looking forward to a weekend in Kings Mountain and hope maybe this year, my film will have the legs to carry us home the Grand Prize. If not, it will be fine. I will enjoy the company of other great filmmakers and films for a long weekend of screenings, press junkets, and friends at the end of July. It will get me pumped and inspired for the week following when we shoot Bad Ass Killers!
Good job Gang. All your hard work and talent now begins to pay off.

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