Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll Take Recreating the Jeopardy Stage for 50, Alex...

For the past four months while visualizing Jeopardy, I always had it stuck in my head that the final shot of the movie would have to be done entirely green screened. After watching Jeopardy, studying the set and visualizing that last shot, I realize that maybe green screening may not be the direction to take. The shot itself, less than twenty seconds long would and moves from a Close Up to a Medium Close Up. With in that range only about 50% of the actual podium will show, leaving the back ground covered by it and Henry himself to an extent.

Doing some tests with different gels, glass, fiberglass, I am thinking just literally dressing a "set" or making a similar to show the background would be the cheaper and easier route to go. To really think about it: If we green screened the shot, we would still have to build the podium. And then I would spend countless hours in Illustrator, Shake, Photoshop, AE, Swift, building and recreating the hanging frames you see in the picture below. And even then, it may take me four months to get it right if I get all the textures and looks right. The simpler approach: Build the podium out of wood-- Use metallic paint and texture to cover the wood and give it a plastic/metal feel. Buy a metal flat for the LCD monitor-- Keep the camera static, CG the lights on top of the podium and blue LCD monitor. Construct some makeshift metal or wood frames and put gels, colored fiberglass, and the same metallic textured paint in them. Hang on those from the ceiling in front of a light blue background add some filters and post production touches to the footage to make it look like TV and BADA BING! Henry is on the Jeopardy set.

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