Friday, October 2, 2009

Tales from the Editing Room - Jeopardy Tie In

Until I started cutting B.A.K, I had forgotten that we had incorporated Jeopardy into the film. Sure we had a problem with licensing so we could not use a "real" newspaper, but we thought it would be rather cool to use this newspaper because it's almost like the little city of Metro/Harbor City would live on and while B.A.K like Jeopardy, all happens in real time, it means this woman who is reading this paper is actually reading it the day that paper came out which means during the climax of the kidnap heist Brian, Art, Slow and Hannah (of BAK,) are in the middle of later that night, across town Henry is chasing Dana through the city streets. I find it kind of cool that, that paper ties in two separate stories transpiring the same day in the same city.

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