Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out of the Wreckage

My first correspondence since completing shooting of Jeopardy Tuesday Morning.

OK, so I'm finally awake. Sorry for the pause in this email, but the 39 hour purge without sleep for the last two days really kind of did me in and I needed some time to recuperate before getting my thoughts back together. I've told you all plenty and I'll tell you one more time: Thank you. I might have been hard on you, but this to me was the make or break film for my career personally and I had to protect Ryan's investment in me by assuring closure. Everyone of you threw caution to the wind and trusted Ryan and I to assure your hard and strained work did not go in vain and it did not. I know a lot of you may be still pissy with Adam-- Don't be. If Adam seemed like an ass or bossy it was only cause I pushed him to be that and trust me, nobody was harder on Adam than myself but you know what, that was just one element of many on this set that made it the well oiled machine that it was and it showed Monday night when we went into the toughest and biggest night of the shoot on 4 and less hours of sleep and with the exception of a frustrating smoke machine performed flawlessly.

Ryan and Phil stayed up all morning and watched our footage while I ran the kids to daycare and Ryan hit me with the news that the 16 hour shoots had produced exactly if not better than what we had envisioned and he didn't think waiting for little ole me to cut the whole picture, sound, efx, etc... would be in our best interest so the plan changed dramatically for the out come of the film. He's shutting down his post house out in LA and putting everybody on this for a week. I will be flying out on October 24th and Ryan and I will be cutting the film within the course of a week WHICH MEANS it will be much earlier than projected that our little opus, (or sunuvabitch,) will hit the public and the investors hands.

I'll keep everybody posted, but we just decided why wait when we have so much momentum. Again thank you all for your contributions and being willing to go down with the ship no matter what. It's truly inspiring to have seen so many people stand behind me despite their doubts at times and no matter what give their 100%. I am extremely in debt to you all and I can only hope seeing this project through in swift fashion will allot us all to begin again a little bigger and healthier than before.

Ryan and I will do everything in our power from here to do just that. For now all I can say is "get the golf shoes out of the hallway," "stop fucking with that suitcase," "keep Adam's snoring ass out of your room if you wanna' sleep," and always, always give the camera man the bird. I'll talk to you all really soon and keep you all up to date during the grueling post production period. As corny as it may sound, I miss everyone already and would love just one more day to shoot with you all.

Yours truly,

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