Friday, October 17, 2008

Strapped and Strained - Four Days on the Crazy Train

Many great decisions were made in the three days of principle photography of Jeopardy. Some more highlighted than others, but one that may be Top 4 on the list is when I grabbed my Panasonic 3 Chip and handed it to Skip Myers during the first hour of PP on the movie and said,"You wanna' run BTS camera?"

I had 7 tapes alotted to shoot the behind the scenes but was going to be happy with 2 hours worth when the smoke cleared. Skip, I think rarely took the camera away from his eyeball and the times that he did, was when he was playing an extra or when everybody was sleeping. He filled 8 hours of tape, (and that's having to tape over an old junk wedding tape I just so happened luckily to have in my car.) Anyway, what he captured was every argument, victory, blown take, insightful, and educating moment of our 3 day shoot and because he didn't listen to me when I said, "just shoot some stuff here and there," and shot everything instead, he'll/we'll/everybody will have a feature length documentary that will go along AND separate with the film we were actually there to shoot. I was thinking about cutting it just cause documentary editing is my forte', but may not get to do it by myself due to the strain of the deadline of Jeopardy for the big film festival deadlines, the script for the feature, and an official website for Jeopardy that I have to do cause we've run out of money to delegate anything else but before I pass it on to him and Phil to piece together, I'm logging and capturing all the footage and have access to the raw clips of the magic Mr. Myers performed and will be adding them to my You Tube Channel, Myspace, Facebook and Official site as I get them completed and encoded.

By the way, great job SKIP--- you want to edit it too??? I should probably ask you before I start tossing your name around, shouldn't I?

Check these clips out. The only bad thing I will say is there are a lot of meaty conversations and good stuff that I can't post until after the film is out. Reasoning is if people pay attention and remember stuff, we give the twist ending away which will deteriorate the films marketability.

Here are some of the early finds:

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