Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making the World of Metro

Metro - My Cool World

Call me a nerd, but I'm a little enthralled with my own creation. I'm not saying that in an arrogant way, but more "it just kind of happened that way" kind of way. Rick's original story took place in Baltimore. I knew I was
not going to get to shoot this film in Maryland so I chose to make the location ambigious. Well with that I had to create a city, name and because
of the newsstand situation,I really had to add layers of dimensions to a city that didn't exist. From the 'Leather Strap Strangler' to the 'Mayor's Sex Scandal,' to my ode to Jaws with the shark attacks going on in the Payton Place Harbor, METRO is now a living thing with people living there and has become a character in itself. This is kind of a shame because Jeopardy is only ten minutes at the most in length and the only place "Metro" is going to be real relevant is the newspaper stand scene. Granted, the newspaper stand scene is pretty big but not real intuitive towards the city's attention besides the fact a crazy killer is on the loose. So now I am thinking, "How could I utilize the city of Metro in the future. Hell, I've created counties, piers, surburbs, police officers' names, newspapers, how could I use this city to its fullest?

I guess I'm going to have to write another crime drama film or really start going at my graphic novel I have boarded out and use Metro as the backdrop.

I've been collecting candies, pens, etc, to sell at the newsstand as well. The one thing I forgot completely about is cigarettes. Everybody buys cigarettes at newsstands. Or should I say every newsstand has cigarettes. That means like Kevin Smith's "Nails" or Tarantino's "Red Apples." I have to make some fake cigs. Luckily I already had an idea that spawned from way back. Justin webber, a good friend of mine and roommate from the City of Angel days called cigarettes "Squares." He would always, say "Hey,can I bum a square?" I never questioned where he got the name from but I did always say, if I've ever got to use prop cigarettes, I was going to call them Squares. Well, Justin... That time is now.

Here is the rough layout for my "Squares" Cigarette Box. I will actually have to make Cartons as well.

I was also talking to my friend Addison Fox from the old days of Hickory High School. He is making my Police Jackets and the underground paper I used to publish every week instead of focusing on my education came up and it was like a light bulb appeared and then crashed around my big melon head. I've been brainstorming and making newspapers and magazines and breaking my synapses trying to come up with titles for publications...
DUH! Why on earth would "The Flavor of the Week" not be one of the titles. I immediately went home and started laying out the logo, digital, (not long hand like it used to be,)style.

Here are a couple of examples of the real thing from 1992,1993. Thanks Addison for the 2 x 4 to the head.

Here's a rough draft of the Metro Version of the FOTW. I think I'm going to make it mirror the format of the Variety/Miscellaney or New York Post.

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