Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mis-Measurements and My Father and I go to the Cineplex

Alright so I was almost done with the Lane Publications section of Pre Production, when I printed off one cover of each of my little paper nusances only to find, in order to fill the stand there would be too much "empty" space between the magazines. Laymans: The newspaper stand is bigger than I had measured for, so it was back to Indesign Hell 101 to do like TEN more covers. AAAAAAHHHHHH! That's alright though. Everything is still going as planned. In fact, Daddy gets an expected treat on Thursday. My Old Man and I are hitting the cineplex for The Dark Knight. I was going Sunday, but Dad offered to go on Thursday and my dad and I's schedules are terrible for getting together and I owe him. He is the guy that took me to the first Batman when we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. This was the guy who took me to Raiders on opening night. (He was in Italy for Crystal Skull's opening so we gotta' go see one of these films together.

My latest Train Wrecks of covers. You can tell, I'm getting careless, sloppy and running out of ideas.

And Finally, Mandi's grandmother, Linda, gets the privilege of appearing on the first ever digital issue of my infamous "Flavor of the Week." That picture was done for a scrap book at Christmas for her. Done in Photoshop and finished in Illustrator, I don't think it ever made the final cut of the book so I'm reusing the picture.

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