Wednesday, August 20, 2008


OK My Blogger Friends:

I'm getting down to the wire and have waited, (of course,) to the final moments to take care of an issue in my latest film project... I NEED DEAD GIRLS!

If you live in the Hickory area and can find Saturday, September 27th 12pm-5pm available to be at LR and well want to be in a movie, we could use you. We only need 3 to be "Dead Girls." We could use others, (guys as well,) to be extras in a classroom scene.

Anyway, everybody would be required to sit in a medium sized classroom and pose as students for the lead who is the teacher. We have three setups so that would probably take about 3 years max.

Then three girls would then be taken to makeup and their faces and necks made up to look as if they had been strangled and left for dead.(Makeup and Photos Duration: Just under two hours. Then the photographer would take a series of still shots of you laying there dead. Then we'd clean you up and that's it.

It's real simple and should be real fun. If you are interested, hit me up. I put this off and put this off and now I really gotta' take care of it fast. Thanks and look forward to speaking to you if you are interested.

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