Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making Cigarettes and Watching Captain Kangaroo

So I'm banging away in Illustrator coming up with all these different designs and names for Metro's very own cigarettes when I realize I'm having too much fun and must just get to it. So I keep my 3 favorite designs. How was I gonna' get the labels onto the cartons with out taping or gluing? Neither would work because of how they were being used so first thing was first... I spray painted over the Marlboro and Newport designs on the carton to keep the original logo from bleeding through.Then I bought some of the full page Avery Labels they sell at your local "Ink Superstore." While my office was in their sales meeting on Friday I snuck a couple of good color copies from our big laser printer. I took them home, waited for the paint to dry and cut the labels out. I found out again what a dildo I could be when I realized that I printed all the logos on the wrong side of the label. To top that off somehow between cleaning my computer out at work to not backing my work up, my original Illustrator files for the cartons had been lost.

Being lazy, and burnt from all this Graphic Design crap I thought redoing the files would be asinine so I cheated... I took the printed labels I had messed up, scanned them and reprinted them on the other side of the sticker. I lost at least 25% of my quality but maybe people are right in saying, I'm putting too much thought into it. I say you can never put too much thought into the little details but maybe being a one man show on this right now, I need to know when to let go. Well, I did on this because I took the depleated second versions of my logos and made my cigarette cartons. They turned out quite well. Now on to the big task-- Getting the infamous police badge custom made without being a police officer. I should have done that first.

Here are the scanned designs of my box labels in individual flaps.

Here's what the finished product looks like.

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